Ashley and Matt are the protectors and stewards of these natural pristine waterways in the north branch of the upper Delaware River in New York State. Mountains, untouched by commerce, surround these wild springs and this is where Beauty Water is sourced. Finding business partners that share in the same philosophy, that pure, wild water is the source of all life needs to be protected is a gift and a joy.  Beauty Water's mission is raise awareness to the vital importance of protecting our waterways. Matt and Ashley embody this promise investing their time and money to keep these lands and springs protected. 

We can all join in by eating organically, supporting our local farmers that do not engage in toxic pesticide use, avoiding petrochemicals in our daily life, and toxic cleaning products, reduce plastics, especially drinking from water plastic bottles, and avoiding disposing of drugs into our water systems. Our fish are testing positive for Prozac and birth control pills! 

Check out www.findaspring.com to find a natural spring near you. it is a sacred honor to wild harvest your own drinking water. It reconnects is to the source of all life- pure water.



Peaceful Sleep

Sleep can be a problem.. In my acupuncture practice, many of my patients can't fall asleep, can't stay asleep, sleep to lightly, don't like to go to sleep, feel unrested after a nights sleep. Sleep issue can present at any age, but quality of sleep tends to worsen as we age. Much of the problem is due to poor sleep hygiene. We are all in love with TV, computers, cell phones, and staying engaged. It's tough to disengage with the yang (active, expansive) part of the day and surrender into the yin (still, inward) part of the day.

Creating bedtime rituals can help the body and mind calm down, allowing for more restful sleep. Unplug approximately one hour before your bedtime. Read an inspiring book, drink sleepy time tea, have a warm bath, dim the lights. Create a calm and peaceful environment. 

To Further assist in creating bedtime rituals, Ive combined aromatherapy and acupressure therapy creating our "peaceful sleep" acupressure gel with an illustration guide to follow along. This gel is formulated with essential oils that can help lull you to sleep as well as time tested acupressure points that are clinically effective in promoting peaceful sleep. Nighty night. Children really enjoy this acupressure gel.

Safe enough for children yet powerful enough for adults. 


The NYC Indie Beauty Event.

It was a great honor to be a participant at the Indie Beauty Expo here in NYC this past August. As a former dancer, this event had the familiar feeling of excitement, anticipation and energy of an opening night on Broadway. There was a rush of energy that filled the Metropolitan Pavilion, showcasing, like-minded, independent,organic and natural wellness and beauty makers. There were lights, sets, and beauty everywhere. It was wow time.

Beauty Water felt right at home with this community of movers, shakers and leaders in natural beauty and wellness arena. It was such an uplifting event to see the overwhelming interest in natural, non-toxic, organic products. I felt so inspired by the excitement and interest of the press, buyers and consumers in wanting and demanding healthier more environmental sustainable products.

I was asked, did I create Beauty Water due to a void that i saw in the market place? That made me smile, no that would have been the very smart MBA approach. Rather, Beauty Water evolved from my working as a healer for the past 15 years, ensconced in the trenches with my patients. BW was developed as a way to help my patients participate in their own healing journey. In the end, when we create rituals around our- self care and send- healing, we all are uplifted. Beauty Water is powered and inspired by nature and purity. 

Elevating your life with pure beauty and true healing is our mission.