Peaceful Sleep

Sleep can be a problem.. In my acupuncture practice, many of my patients can't fall asleep, can't stay asleep, sleep to lightly, don't like to go to sleep, feel unrested after a nights sleep. Sleep issue can present at any age, but quality of sleep tends to worsen as we age. Much of the problem is due to poor sleep hygiene. We are all in love with TV, computers, cell phones, and staying engaged. It's tough to disengage with the yang (active, expansive) part of the day and surrender into the yin (still, inward) part of the day.

Creating bedtime rituals can help the body and mind calm down, allowing for more restful sleep. Unplug approximately one hour before your bedtime. Read an inspiring book, drink sleepy time tea, have a warm bath, dim the lights. Create a calm and peaceful environment. 

To Further assist in creating bedtime rituals, Ive combined aromatherapy and acupressure therapy creating our "peaceful sleep" acupressure gel with an illustration guide to follow along. This gel is formulated with essential oils that can help lull you to sleep as well as time tested acupressure points that are clinically effective in promoting peaceful sleep. Nighty night. Children really enjoy this acupressure gel.

Safe enough for children yet powerful enough for adults.