Ashley and Matt are the protectors and stewards of these natural pristine waterways in the north branch of the upper Delaware River in New York State. Mountains, untouched by commerce, surround these wild springs and this is where Beauty Water is sourced. Finding business partners that share in the same philosophy, that pure, wild water is the source of all life needs to be protected is a gift and a joy.  Beauty Water's mission is raise awareness to the vital importance of protecting our waterways. Matt and Ashley embody this promise investing their time and money to keep these lands and springs protected. 

We can all join in by eating organically, supporting our local farmers that do not engage in toxic pesticide use, avoiding petrochemicals in our daily life, and toxic cleaning products, reduce plastics, especially drinking from water plastic bottles, and avoiding disposing of drugs into our water systems. Our fish are testing positive for Prozac and birth control pills! 

Check out www.findaspring.com to find a natural spring near you. it is a sacred honor to wild harvest your own drinking water. It reconnects is to the source of all life- pure water.