Donation Day
9:00 AM09:00

Donation Day

Our waterways need our protection and support. They are endangered from the oil and gas industries, pesticide, chemical runoff, as well as dangerous dumping practices.
 I am giving my support by leading a fundraiser for our water protectors, The “Delaware River Keeper Network”.

To learn more abut the organization click here

 Once a month, I will be offering acupuncture treatments with all the proceeds going to organizations that serve as stewards for our waterways.
 You will receive acupuncture treatment while also giving back to our WATER PROTECTORS.

 You're Invited
to become a water protector

When Friday April 21st - Donation Day acupuncture treatments 9am to 1pm

Where: 161 Madison Ave Suite 10NW

Why: To raise money in support of The Delaware River Keeper Network”. This organization are water protectors and have been tireless leaders in keeper our drinking water pure and safe. 

Donate now.

All the proceeds raised from the acupuncture treatments that I give on this day will benefit the “Delaware River Keeper Network”.  The goal is to raise $2,500 in support of the watchdog organization.
Book your appointment by emailing
Donate now to protect and ensure clean and safe water for future generation to come.
Give a gift of healing acupuncture to a family member or friend.
Please help me keep our waterways safe and pure.

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Natural Beauty-Care Workshop
11:00 AM11:00

Natural Beauty-Care Workshop

Where: To be announced 

Dr. Jenise Parris will guide you through a hands-on demonstration, showing and teaching step-by-step ways to implement natural beauty techniques into your daily facial-care routine.

  • Learn timeless self-care, facial rejuvenation techniques
  • Achieve more glowing + healthy + radiant skin, naturally
  • Using tools and beauty secrets passed down Traditional Chinese Medicine Including 

Gua Sha Jade tool - is used with a stroking motion to increase microcirculation and to release tight neck, jaw a facial muscles, for a more relaxed face and glowing complexion.

Jade Roller- helps to increase lymphatic drainage- reducing swelling and puffiness around the eyes and face.

Derma Roller- helps with product penetration bringing enhanced nutrition to the skin a well as stimulating collagen and elastin for a better skin tone and healthier complexion.  

The workshop includes a take home kit of the 3 beauty tools (gua sha, jade roller, .02 derma roller) + a Beauty Water facial mist. 

Leave knowing why and how to use each of these tools to enhance your daily beauty rituals, to achieve a more healthier and radiant glow. 

Cost for workshop; $125

What you get; Includes the beauty bag- beauty ritual kit: a gua sha tool, jade roller, and derma roller with the bonus gift of a Beauty Water hydrating & mood elevating facial mist. A take home booklet illustrating how to properly use each beauty tool.

Empowering daily self care and natural beauty rituals 

Get your glow on - naturally. 

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Give the LOVE and FEEL the LOVE
1:00 PM13:00

Give the LOVE and FEEL the LOVE

Get involved in our monthly - "donation only- day acupuncture sessions" 

Where 100% of all proceeds from the acupuncture session are going to support our WATER PROTECTORS. The Delaware Riverkeeper Network. Help us reach our goal of $2,500.

Donate a minimum of $75.00 to schedule your spa acupuncture treatment. 

Donate Now

When: Saturday February 18th Dr. Jenise Parris will donate her time giving relaxing spa acupuncture sessions.

What to do: Schedule your 60 min acupuncture session- treatments given from 1 to 6pm

Where: 161 Madison Ave at 33rd, suite 10NW

The perfect Valentines Day gift

Treat yourself or someone you love to a "Wellbeing & De-stress" tranquil spa acupuncture session.

Receive treatment while also giving support to the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, an advocacy group that protects our waterways for now and for future generations to come. They need our help!

Donate the amount you want and receive or "gift" this spa acupuncture session to someone special. 

Our Valentine's Day Special- Choose one form our Wellbeing & De-stress sessions a tranquil Spa Acupuncture sessions.

Offering 1

Feel the love- get your glow

Acupuncture + facial and neck Gua Sha session

This treatment will focus on relaxing and soothing tight neck/shoulders and facial/jaw tension, as well as restoring a glow to the complexion. The acupuncture will calm the mind while the use of the jade gua sha tool will increase circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and reduce tight muscle patterns in neck, shoulders and facial areas. The face will be bathed in nourishing oils infused with fragrant essential oils to restore skin health and radiance as well as easing the mind. This treatment will leave you feeling and looking more restored, relaxed and rejuvenated. 60 min session

Offering 2

Feel the support- get your flow

Acupuncture + gua ha and trigger point therapy for back health session.

This treatment will focus on relaxing and soothing muscles of the spine. The emphasis will be to relax the nervous system and ease tension from the upper, middle and lower back. The heart of this treatment will be to align and restore the energy of the entire body using acupuncture and heat therapy. After the acupuncture, healing and warming oils will be applied to the back and then a jade gua ha tool will be used to enhance relaxation of the body and mind. This treatment will leave you feeling more at ease, restored, and grounded. 60 min session

First Step: Do donate to the Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Donate Now

Second Step: Then schedule your or special ones treatment.


Phone: 646-320-8806

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