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Donation Day

Our waterways need our protection and support. They are endangered from the oil and gas industries, pesticide, chemical runoff, as well as dangerous dumping practices.
 I am giving my support by leading a fundraiser for our water protectors, The “Delaware River Keeper Network”.

To learn more abut the organization click here

 Once a month, I will be offering acupuncture treatments with all the proceeds going to organizations that serve as stewards for our waterways.
 You will receive acupuncture treatment while also giving back to our WATER PROTECTORS.

 You're Invited
to become a water protector

When Friday April 21st - Donation Day acupuncture treatments 9am to 1pm

Where: 161 Madison Ave Suite 10NW

Why: To raise money in support of The Delaware River Keeper Network”. This organization are water protectors and have been tireless leaders in keeper our drinking water pure and safe. 

Donate now.

All the proceeds raised from the acupuncture treatments that I give on this day will benefit the “Delaware River Keeper Network”.  The goal is to raise $2,500 in support of the watchdog organization.
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Donate now to protect and ensure clean and safe water for future generation to come.
Give a gift of healing acupuncture to a family member or friend.
Please help me keep our waterways safe and pure.

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