Dr. Jenise Parris, L.Ac., draws inspiration from her extensive background in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a gifted acupuncturist, herbalist, and certified aromatherapist.

Jenise, a visionary and intuitive healer, has been empowering patients to participate in their own healing journey and reconnect to their inner divine wisdom for the past 25 years. The Beauty Water Collection is a natural extension of her knowledge, dedication, and commitment to helping others reconnect to their inner and outer beauty, emotional balance, and spiritual and physical healing.

Jenise is personally invested and involved in the creation of each product. She hand harvests the artisan spring water and sources the highest quality products for her collection.

These products are hand poured with educated artistry, using materials that are authentic, organic, and selected for their vitality, purity, and healing properties. Jenise is confident that you will experience the uniqueness of each product, with their superior quality and healing properties.

The Beauty Water Collection will bring comfort, peace, delight, inner beauty, and healing qi (life force) into your life.