The Five-Element Collection

"If we consider that the human body is a universe within itself, it is only natural to conclude that we carry within us all the elements"

-Masaru Emoto

This collection takes inspiration from the observations and teachings of the ancient Taoists and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These philosophies teach us to live in union with the patterns and seasons of nature, creating “a life in flow” which brings with it a higher level of consciousness.

We are all connected to the patterns and universal laws of nature. The microcosm of the body is linked to the universe and is influenced by the daily and seasonal cycle of nature that occurs in a predictable manner.

These fragrant facial mists serve to balance and reconnect you to the natural world while harmonizing the elements within. Traditional Chinese Medicine works with fundamental elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements are present in every aspect of our lives. Each formulation is created with the intention to inspire, heal, delight, and touch your inner knowing.

Repeating the affirmation (the product's title) while misting will further enhance the power of each element.