Natural Beauty Care Workshop


Natural Beauty Care Workshop

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In Honor of Mother's Day you can bring your mother, daughter, sister, or awesome friend for a special savings. 


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- Learn timeless beauty secrets for achieving a more radiant and healthy complexion.
Dr. Parris will guide you through a hands-on demonstration, showing and teaching step-by-step ways to implement natural beauty techniques into your daily facial-care routine.
*Learn timeless self-care, facial rejuvenation techniques
* Achieve more glowing + healthy + radiant skin, naturally
*Using tools and beauty secrets passed down from the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  Including -
 The Gua sha jade tool is used with a stroking motion to increase microcirculation and to release tight neck, jaw a facial muscles, for a more relaxed face and glowing complexion.

 The Jade roller helps to increase lymphatic drainage- reducing swelling and puffiness around the eyes and face.
 The Micro needle roller helps with product penetration bringing enhanced nutrition to the skin as well as stimulating collagen and elastin for a better skin tone and healthier complexion.
Leave knowing why and how to use each of these tools to enhance your daily beauty rituals, for achieving a healthier more radiant glow.

What you get; Includes the beauty bag- beauty ritual kit: a gua sha tool, jade roller, and derma roller with the bonus gift of a Beauty Water hydrating & mood elevating facial mist. You will also receive a take home booklet illustrating how to properly use each beauty tool.

Empowering daily self care and natural beauty rituals