Derma Roller


Derma Roller


Essentially, it’s a micro-needled roller. As you roll the microneedles across the surface of your skin, it creates micro-punctures along the dermis and epidermis skin layers. This evokes an acute inflammatory response, which stimulates the healing process, cell generation, blood and oxygen flow and thus renewed, healthier skin.

Medical Micro needling is more appropriate for skin with deeper scaring, fine lines and loss of collagen and elastin. Dr. Parris is certified to offer Medical Micro needling at her office. The medical device is automated and has a sterile single use needle cartridge, that has adjustable needling depth for more effective therapy.

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The benefits of the Derma Roller

  • Helps with product penetration bringing enhanced nutrition to the skin a well as stimulating collagen and elastin for a better skin tone and healthier complexion.

NEEDLE SIZE: 0.2 MM - 0.3 MM

Benefits: For enhancing product penetration and improving micro circulation to the face Frequency of use: Daily use is appropriate with evening being the best time for rejuvenating skin.


BENEFITS: Stimulates elastin and collagen production and improves micro circulation to the face. Frequency of use: 7-10 days between treatment to allow collagen and elastin to regenerate.