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What is Gua Sha?

A traditional Chinese Medicine technique that utilizes a small medical board to apply a press stroking massage technique to; increase micro circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and the flushing of toxins from the body and face. Gua Sha therapy can improve immune response, function of the nervous system, effectively reduce inflammation and pain, muscle tension, and sti ness, as well as releasing inhibited holding patterns in the fascia and musculature, and thereby enhancing improved functioning.

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Warming- Soothing Body Massage Oil- Our massage oil warms achy muscles and soothes stiff joints. Fortified with healing botanical essential oils of Mugwart and Cedarwood, that have been used for thousand of years in Chinese Medicine for their therapeutic benefits  in easing pain, promoting circulation, restoring free flow of Qi (life force) and calming the mind.

Warming- Soothing Body Gel- Our body warming gel incorporates the pain-relieving principles of ancient Chinese medicine, promoting circulation and reducing inflammation. The organic greaseless aloe vera gel is infused with pain releving botanical essential oils.