The Beauty Water Experience

I always start and end my day with a misting of a beauty water. In the morning it helps me feel energized and balanced, ready to take on the day. In the evening it helps me relax and calm down to a restful sleep. Amazing benefits for my mind, body, spirit and health!
— Kim I

I’m fortunate enough to live in the Catskills and use Beauty Water. Beauty Water products are superb! The facial mists are transformative and the gels are incredible! I’m a big fan of acupuncture and Eastern medicine and these products do those practices justice. The scents are beautifully balanced and the products themselves light and airy. (Yes, water based products can be airy!) The gel is aloe based and absorbs into the skin beautifully. I’m a huge fan and must say they also make great gifts
— catherinescott17 (on Martha Stewart, American Made Finalist page)
Beauty Water is an amazing healing elixir for mind, body and spirit! It is a favorite, must-have product for both my personal and professional life. At home, I keep Beauty Water on my desk, my nightstand and in my meditation area. When I work with clients, I use it to create a relaxing space, as well as hydrate their skin. It’s so beneficial for so many things!
— Rebecca Casciano, Makeup Artist, Beauty & Wellness Coach

"I started using beauty water when Jenise first started creating the product line.

Each new formula that arrived provided an opportunity to bring home a spray, oil, or body scrub that allowed me to have constant access to the healing and optimal health experience that occurs after each acupuncture appointment with Jenise.

I highly recommend these products to my friends, family, coworkers, and strangers for a day to day feel good energy, stress reliever, or to resolve ailments such as neck/muscle tension, painful dry skin from eczema, and chronic headaches.

My husband started stealing the products from my side of the medicine cabinet to heal his skin post shave and my kids have become accustom to our home filled with the fragrance from the essential oils used post bath and shower.

Clean, healthy, and refreshed is what we experience by having these products available while traveling, at work and at home.

Once you try them, you won't want live without Jenise's sprays, body scrub, and facial oils.

I'm so thankful for the creation of these products -- they have made such a healing difference!


-Diana and Scott Krauthamer. Leo, Aidan, and Ruby too!

My day begins and ends with Beauty Water by Jenise Parris. There is nothing more refreshingly soothing than the glow I get from these essential oil infused facial mists and serums
— John Annello, Horse Trainer

Love all natural products. The beauty water is extraordinary and makes me feel so young and relaxed. The scrub is perfect to wash away winter blues.
— Nancy Englander

Jenise’s Peppermint Stop Headache Gel had been the most effective acute treatment for my chronic migraines - it works better and faster than any of the countless pills I’ve been told to take over the years.
— Mike R

One glance inside my bathroom and you’ll know my secret: I’m a sucker for every kind of skin potion promising dewy, glowy, younger looking skin. I’ve bought many, stayed with few.
Jenise’s Beauty Waters are different. The serums are rich and silky, unlike several I’ve tried recently that are watery and leave the skin greasy. Best of all, 3 people complimented me on how good my skin looked - and of them was my daughter! High praise indeed!
— Margery R, Writer